CEO & Founder


(DIMP, AAP, MBA (Wales) Hons., B. Sc. (Bio) Hons.)

Obtained a Honours Master degree in Business and Administration from University of Wales, Newport, United Kingdom in 2013, Dato’ Lester graduated with a Honours Bachelor degree of Science in Biology from Universiti Malaysia Sabah in 2005.

Dato’ Lester is the Co-Founder & President of Malaysia UAV Developments Association (Persatuan Pembangunan UAV Malaysia). He is appointed as the Honorary Chairman of Malaysia Garments Wholesale Merchants Association (Persatuan Pemborong Pakaian Malaysia) while serving as Honorary Treasurer of Asian Professional Security Association (APSA) which is patronaged by our Deputy Prime Minister & Home Affair Minister, which main aim is to uphold and promote Malaysia security services industry in global platform. At the same time, Dato’ Lester is also the Director in Business Development Bureau of Security Cooperative Limited (Koperasi Keselamatan Berhad) Furthermore, he is a life and associate member for district and charity fund raising of Royal Shooting Club of Klang.

Meanwhile in the corporate front, Dato’ Lester is appointed as a Director to various companies with diversified background such as Lester Tay Advisory & Consultancy (project management consultancy), Kawalan Mega Sdn Bhd (security service provider), IPIAM Global Sdn Bhd (real estate management), Guangdong FengNeng Environment Protection Technology Pty Ltd (sport facilities specialist).

He is also very active in fund raising for the Royal Institution, Yayasan Pahang and Tahfiz Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, and being loyal to the KDYMM Tuanku Sultan of Pahang Darul Makmur. While a busy man, Dato’ Lester still contributing his time & expertise to his alma mater: he is an alumnus for University of South Wales, United Kingdom, and MYUKedu British Alumni, United Kingdom and St. John’s Institution, Kuala Lumpur.

Dato’ Lester is a recipient of the Global Distinguished Enterpreneurship Award by Malaysia Ministry of International Trade And Industry, being conferred the knightship of Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) by His Royal Highness Sultan Ahmad Shah, and being recommended and awarded the decoration of Ahli Sultan Ahmad Shah (AAP) by the State Government.