Automotive Trading & Services
Facilitate import of unregistered reconditioned luxury automotive
Garment Wholesale
Provide organizations a wide-range of network of garment manufacturers to facilitate production from start-to-finish
Oil & Gas Safety Consultancy
Provides highly qualified, accurate, and time efficient inspection services at competitive rates to support and enhance project execution.
Project Management Consultancy
Comprehensive construction management consulting services and coordinating the construction process to mitigate complex problems to provide real-world, cost-effective solutions to the everyday challenges
Property Development
Part of a notable property developer with successful high-rise residential projects, integrated developments, commercial hubs, SoHo, and industrial developments.
Security Services
Provide quality security services to create a safe and secure environment for your events, ensuring no loss of property, zero disruptions, and the absolute personal safety of all attendees.
Sport Facilities Services
Construction of sports facilities & non-core services for sports arena or stadium including a host of administration services, soft services and technical services.
Telco Tower Construction and Fiber Optic Facilitation
Actively engages in offering a wide range of turnkey solutions that strategically meet the evolving needs of cellular network operators

Our Vision & Mission

A specialist management consultancy who helps clients to optimise their business process, through developing alignment between business, government agencies, while leveraging on our expertise and knowledge.

Dato’ Lester Tay / CEO & Founder

We Are Innovative

Our experts help you to craft and implement strategies for your company to align your business direction to align with political and societal contexts that would influence future market directions.

We Are Professional

We operate with a proven methodology: focusing on building win-win outcomes through constructive strategies, mutual engagement & process optimization.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Affiliations

We have strategic alliances with internationally-renowned partners and associates. Whether it is a government agency or a professional association, Lester Tay Advisory & Consultancy has been instrumental in contributing its expertise and knowledge to these organisations and related industries.

We are a member of the Malaysian chapter of the Asian Professional Security Association which our founder, Lester Tay serves as their Hononary Treasurer.
Koperasi Keselamatan Berhad
Part of a board of cooperatives for companies that are involved in security services in Malaysia.
Malaysia Garments Wholesale & Merchant Association
The association of Malaysian garment wholesalers appointed us as an advisory company to help represent them in government collaborations and assist its members to gain more opportunities abroad.
Board of Governor SK St John’s
We are one of governing board members of a premier school in Kuala Lumpur, which are responsible to oversee the operations, future direction and appointment of key staffs for the school.
Ministry of International Trade and Industry & Ministry of Home Affairs
Lester Tay Advisory & Consultancy is approved partnership company with Malaysian government agencies that is responsible on national building and economic advancements.
Malaysia Xuan Wu Dragon & Lion Dance Athletic Association
Appointed to the advisory board of a renowned traditional Chinese performing arts troupe in Malaysia.
Malaysia UAV Developments Association (MUDA)
Established on 17th August 2017 to position itself as a key partner in the nation’s socio-economic development with the aim of further building the UAV public technology and service platform, while continuously promoting the awareness of the importance of UAV industry to various stakeholders, government officials, media and public through information communication and experience exchanges for the interests of our industry.